Pet Boarding Kennel

While you’re on vacation, your pet will have a vacation of his own at Paradise Pet Hotel. As a division of Paradise Animal Hospital, our kennel is the safest place for your pet while you’re away.

All dogs are leash walked four times each day in the fenced exercise area. Most kennels only walk dogs three times a day, but at Paradise Pet Hotel, we want your dog to be as comfortable as possible. We only walk one dog at a time, ensuring your dog gets the full attention he deserves.

You can board all of your furry friends in our kennel. Though we board cats in a separate space from the dogs, we do allow for pets from the same family to play together.

We understand that it’s tough to be away from your pet, which is why we welcome you to call to check in so that you can rest easy knowing he is okay.

For the sake of all of our guests, we require proof that all vaccinations are current. Learn more about our boarding policies.

Find out why, while you’re away, the safest place for your pet Is the Paradise Pet Hotel:

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Stop by for a tour today, or call (410) 719-6920 for more information.