For the Kitty

Your cat’s vacation at Paradise Pet Hotel will feel like home away from home. Our spacious cat condos are located in a space separate from the dogs, ensuring they enjoy as stress-free a stay as possible. Each of our 16 individual cat condos contains its own litter box, food, water, and comfortable accommodations.

Each cat condo is equipped with a porthole that can be opened to allow for cats from the same household to mingle, or when available, to give each cat more room to roam. Every cat condo has a panoramic view of the outdoors, ideal for bird watching.

We let each cat individually into the kitty playroom, which features nearly 40 square feet of space, a three-tiered cat tree and toys for your furry friend’s entertainment.

We encourage you to bring your cat’s food from home, but we do provide Purina Pro Plan Chicken & Rice Adult Formula dry and canned.

While you’re at work, the safest place for your cat is the Paradise Pet Hotel.

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Stop by for a tour today, or call (410) 719-6920 for more information.