Health & Fitness

At Paradise Pet Hotel, your dog will have access to our 45 state-of-the-art indoor dog runs, where they can run, play, and even relax as they please. Our Catonsville kennel features a built-in speaker system, allowing us to play music to simulate the sounds of home, thereby lessening the stress on your dog.

All dogs are leash walked five times each day in the fenced exercise area. Most kennels only walk dogs three times a day, but at Paradise Pet Hotel, we want your dog to be as comfortable as possible. We only walk one dog at a time, ensuring your dog gets the full attention he deserves.

All of our guests are monitored daily for appetite, elimination, and overall wellbeing. Our experienced staff is trained to recognize signs of illness.

While you’re away, the safest place for your pet is the Paradise Pet Hotel.

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