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Paradise Paradise Pet Hotel Paradise Pet Hotel is the premier place for your dogs or cats to stay while you’re on vacation or traveling away from home.

Call (410) 719-6920 to make a reservation today.

Paradise Dog Walk Dog Guests Live it UpOur dog guests are walked four times a day in our private fenced in excercise yard.

Call (410) 719-6920 to make a reservation today.

Cat Condo Cat Guests Can Stretch OutEvery cat condo has a panoraic view of the outdoors. It’s perfect for bird watching. All our cat guests also get access to our cat playroom, with extra toys and a three-tier cat tree. There’s also a huge window.

We offer special 15-minute playtime sessions in the guest room. Our staff will hang out and do whatever your cat enjoys — playtime, cuddle time or just a nice petting.

Our Veterinary Hospital is on-call for your petIf there are any unexpected problems, rest assured that the veterinary staff upstairs is ready to quickly get involved.